Ant Recording and Visualization Tools

May 04, 2008

I also went to the Ant BoF session last night and it was a great discussion. During the meeting, I was wondering if there were any tools to help visualize or build out complex Ant scripts. My current scripts are small development level testing, but I may start using Ant more for deployments which means lots of operations.

Here are a couple of tools I ran across.

ANT Explorer by yWorks - an eclipse plugin that can help visualize your Ant script and see the dependencies. Unfortunately that's all it does. No build or recording functionality. It's located at -

Virtual ANT by Placid Systems - a stand-a-lone app that does have a basic recorder feature to help build out your ANT scripts. Not full feature yet, but it's a start. Also doesn't have the visualization like ANT Explorer has. Their url is -



John Mason

John Mason wrote on 05/05/0812:05 AM

I've started working on something along those lines..

Damien wrote on 05/05/0812:05 AM

Speaking of ANT tasks. What would be neat would be a ANT task that did static code analysis on CF code that checked for security vulnerabilities. NEAT!

jonese wrote on 05/05/0810:15 AM

I've played with visual ant and just didn't see the point. I use so many "extras" with my ant build and so far nothing has the ability to really "deal" with these items.

A visual tool would be nice, but i've found that if i just do a simple outline of the "stuff" i can get a pretty good picture and plan for development.

Damien wrote on 05/06/081:40 PM

>> I've started working on something along those lines..

This would be of huge service to the ColdFusion community. I would use it.

Damien wrote on 06/04/0810:55 AM

How goes the ColdFusion SCA tool development? I'm super interested.

hans wrote on 09/26/087:45 AM

The Plugin is not longer available on
Product & Update Page are down.
Version 1.0.2 is available executable jar file on

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