ColdFusion 9 Wish List - Domain Information Groper

May 16, 2008

So in the Linux world there is a really great tool called DiG which stands for Domain Information Groper. Basically, it helps you query up the records from a DNS server. Windows has nslookup, but DiG is far more powerful. For more information on DiG go to

It would be handy if the next release of ColdFusion had a tag that did could do the same calls as DiG and return the results into a query. So for example, you could verify an email by doing a DiG call to verify the domain exists and has valid records. Another possible application could be a situation where your mail server location changes frequently. Instead of specifying the mail server address in your code, you could do a DiG call to determine your current mail server and then use that location in your cfmail calls. The same could hold true for CFPOP uses.


Brian Rinaldi

Brian Rinaldi wrote on 05/16/088:32 AM

There is an open source project that does this called cfdns which you can find at

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