ColdFusion 9 Wishlist - CFAnt and CFSvn

Apr 11, 2008

Ever tried to call an ANT script from ColdFusion. But couldn't figure out how. How about SVN?

 Well, CFAnt has been in ColdFusion for several years now. It's undocumented, but still available. ColdFusion actually uses ANT to install itself and to be frank you should never use cfexecute as many people try to do with making ANT calls. So why not bring this tag out from the shadows in Centaur. It would also be nice to have a CFSvn tag to at the very least run commits and updates to a Subversion respository. There's a lot to Subversion, but just some basic functionality would be nice to start off with.

As always, adding these new tags in the resource (and sandbox) security list of tags is vital.

 Just fyi on the CFAnt tag (credit to Kola Oyedeji's Cool Technology Blog for mentioning this),

<cfant buildFile="completePathToBuildFile"
 messages="for output messages"


Douglas Knudsen

Douglas Knudsen wrote on 04/17/083:50 PM

holy kow! I never new this was there. Was using cfexecute for this...behind a firewall at the time, so had no worries.


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