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Sep 22, 2009

This has been something I've been bugged about for some time. There isn't a dependable RSS feed for ColdFusion updates and security patches. Well, it finally came to the point where I'll needed to create my own to power the CF updater in the Merlin Manager. Figure this might be a good resource for others, I'm opening it up for anyone to reference. I routed them through FeedBurner so they will be cached at Google and will be very dependable.

ColdFusion Updaters, Hotfixes and Culiminative Hotfixes

ColdFusion Security Patches


Henry Ho

Henry Ho wrote on 09/22/094:34 PM

thanks. Who's responsible for updating those feeds?
John Mason

John Mason wrote on 09/22/095:17 PM

I have an internal process that does the updates. It's something I have to do anyway so figure it was worth opening up.

Derek wrote on 09/23/092:05 PM

Any way to get the patch/fix release date in the feed?
John Mason

John Mason wrote on 09/23/099:30 PM

There's a date item for each listing called 'pubDate'

Derek wrote on 09/23/099:33 PM

ahh yes, I was looking in google reader and it doesn't show it.

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