Flex Open Sourced

Nov 11, 2011

Just when things look to be calming down at Adobe, Deepa from the Flex SDK team just made a blog post which makes the following statement:

"we are planning to contribute the Flex SDK to an open source foundation in the same way we contributed PhoneGap to the Apache Foundation when we acquired Nitobi"

So it appears they may throw Flex to an open source foundation like PhoneGap. I wonder which one would even want it at this point given the very limited future of Flash technology. Even though several of us in the development community had asked for this, at this point, it feels a bit too little, too late. I suspect Flash Builder may get dropped soon as a result or at least moved into another product/direction.  They haven't said that yet, but it would make sense if the Flex framework was being put out to pasture.



joseph wrote on 11/12/119:53 AM

I don't see why Flex SDK isn't a blueprint to HTML5 Rich App development?!

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