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Apr 03, 2008

Finally getting started with the world of blogging. Hope my random thoughts on ColdFusion, Flex and AIR will be of interest. For those who don't know me, I've been using ColdFusion since the version 2.0 days. But, I've only recently started doing presentations outside of my local user group. So most people outside of Atlanta have never heard of me. I'll be giving a presentation at cfObjective this year and hope to have a podcast started fairly soon.

So a quick summary, I currently work at FusionLink which is a ColdFusion and Flex hosting company located in Atlanta. My background has generally been in system administration. So I tend to focus on security and server management. I imagine many of my posts will not be as code intensive. However, my hope is that this will provide a different view and look at the world of ColdFusion.



Darin Kohles

Darin Kohles wrote on 04/03/088:52 AM

No WordPress help, no Blogger.com - you got to go off on you own - what is this a Camden CFC? - You better release an API....
Robert Lash

Robert Lash wrote on 04/03/0810:53 AM

Wow that was a quick implementation.
Now start blogging your cool code snips.
John Mason

John Mason wrote on 04/03/0811:28 AM

Thanks guys.

The blog engine is actually Mango Blog which was developed by Laura Arguello from AsFusion. I liked the skins available for it. So went with this instead of BlogCFC

CheyenneJack wrote on 04/03/084:36 PM

Not sure how you go from a 2am post ACFUG meeting conversation about needing to start a blog, to implementation before noon the next day.

Now I really feel like a slacker. May have to check out this Mango thing, since I haven't figured out much in the way of design for cheyennejack.com in awhile.

CheyenneJack wrote on 04/03/0810:45 PM

Wow. Even though I ran into a few snafus getting it set up, www.MangoBlog.org was exactly what I've been needing a long while. It even 95% seemlessly ported over my posts from BlogCFC. I still have a lot of love for BlogCFC and its extra features, but the extra skins and available and the ability to just kind of hack at the skins, took my blog from a 1 design to at least a solid 5 or 6.

Thanks for starting a blog, and knowing about MangoBlog John. Clears a huge todo off my list, next are taxes. ugh.

Anyone got MangoTaxes out there?

RL wrote on 04/04/0811:20 AM

Thanks John and Howard.
We needed a blog and I too implemented the Mango blog software very quickly with not problems.
Although I didn't see where to set the GMT offset.
John Mason

John Mason wrote on 04/11/082:42 PM

There isn't anything in the blog software for the GMT offset. It's probably just pulling the time straight from your server. Check your server settings and take a serious look at NTP to keep your systems in time.

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