Photography is dangerous stuff :)

Jan 29, 2011

I'm not the most active guy in the world but it's safe to say I've done just about everything except skydiving. I was a pretty serious soccer player growing up, and fenced competitively in college and grad school. During college, I also had a motorcycle. Been climbing, hiking, camping, skiing, spelunking (caving) and sailing and never had a serious injury or even a broken bone. So after 37 years, what finally sends me to the ER with a broken ankle - photography??  Walking around today at Atlantic Station (midtown Atlanta) and slipped walking down a tiny hill. Foot went one way and the rest of me went the other, snap I broke my first bone (ankle). Get to go to the orthopedist on monday, the ER doc thinks  it shouldn't require surgery (fingers crossed), but lesson learned, photography is dangerous stuff :)


charlie arehart

charlie arehart wrote on 01/29/1110:30 PM

Ouch, John! So sorry to hear. :-( And to think it was something so modest. Oh well, welcome to getting older.

I'm in the same boat, no breaks in 48 years. I know I'm on borrowed time there. :-)

Hope you get better soon.
John Mason

John Mason wrote on 01/29/1110:46 PM

Thanks, I'll be fine, but will probably miss the next ACFUG meeting. It is just wacky that walking around with a camera finally does it for me. Naturally, I checked the camera, right after, to make sure it was ok (it was).
Dan Kaufman

Dan Kaufman wrote on 01/30/1110:10 AM

I think not that the culprit is photography, but walking.

This reminds me of the scene in Be Cool, in the barbar shop in Miami, the mob guy declares that he sleeps in his lounger in the living room because he read that (a lot of...) people die sleeping in their bed.

Moral of the story John, don't walk down tiny hills.
Howard Fore

Howard Fore wrote on 01/30/1112:58 PM

Ouch! I can't count the times I've walked into stuff while looking through the camera. And I'm the one that's always annoyed at people not having awareness of their surroundings! Hope you get better sooner than expected!

And speaking of ACFUG, when is the next meeting? The website doesn't have it up yet.
John Mason

John Mason wrote on 01/30/111:43 PM

The acfug meeting is this wed, Josh will be talking. Should have the meeting posted soon.
John Mason

John Mason wrote on 02/10/111:27 AM

Just an update on this mess. It was a spiral fracture of the fibula. It did require surgery which I had earlier this week. I now have a plate with 7 screws which put the bone back together. Not fun at all, but hope this will heal up soon.
Jim Priest

Jim Priest wrote on 02/23/118:26 AM

Great story. My Doc said "you can't heal, without steel" :)

Heal quickly!

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