Portcullis and Thor have been updated

Jun 11, 2009

Just updated a couple of my projects on RIAForge.org. I know several people are using Portcullis so I figure I make a post about it.

Portcullis is a SQL Injection and XSS Filter - http://portcullis.riaforge.org

Thor is a CFC based validation system - http://thor.riaforge.org



Dave wrote on 12/18/0912:21 PM

I think I found a bug in the portcullis filterTags function, in the RegEx.

the filter will not catch:
<InvalidTag >anything...</scrIPT >
(note the spaces)

I've corrected it below, can you tell me if you see any issues with it?

John Mason

John Mason wrote on 01/04/1012:29 AM

Thanks, good catch. The fix looks good to me and it's set for the next update.

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