Superphones don't sound so super

Jan 08, 2010

Ok, a little marketing 101 in this blog post. I'm doing a comparison between how Google introduced their new Nexus One phone which they claim belongs in a class of 'superphones' and how Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone two years ago. You can just watch the first minute or so of each. You'll get the point fairly quickly. Sorry but I couldn't embed the video directly because something in the blog is messing it up.

How Google introduced the Nexus One

How Apple introduced the iPhone

Now, yes, the environments were very different but Google had the chance to establish that just like Apple did. There is almost no point in comparing the two presentations. The Nexus One promotion was a complete joke. I don't know who will win the smart phone battles, but Google has to find a solid spokesman for their company. This is simply not how to promote your company or your line new products.



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