Katapult is a simple content management system built on ColdFusion components and the FCKEditor. There are no underlining database systems. Katapult was built to be very easy to setup and maintain. Navigation and pages are saved directly on the site in either html, xml and/or cfml formats. This set of code is a bit dated. I'll make a point to upgrade to Model-Glue 3 at some point this year.

Some features of Katapult
-In production mode, Katapult saves and pulls pages directly from server memory
-Whitespacing controls (Do a view source on this page to see the results...)
-No database setup or maintenance
-Restore feature going back to 5 previously saved versions of a page
-RSS 2.0 support
-Site template built on CSS
-FCKEditor demos for users that need some on-the-spot training of the admin
-Customized builtin FCKEditor
-Dynamic navigation
-Application statistics with pages hits and other useful information

ColdFusion 7, 8, 9

Installation Instructions
-Download the latest version of Katapult from http://www.codfusion.com/blog/assets/content/File/katapult.zip
-Expand into your web folder
-Modify conf/conf.cfm with your information
-Allow cffile/cfdirectory access to ../katapult/images and ../katapult/pages
-In very rare cases you may need to modify the extends attribute in ../katapult/FCKEditor/application.cfc
-That's it! Simply view /katapult/index.cfm in your browser and start creating your new site.